Market communication in EU Countries

Market communication culturally competent

Setting and implementing a communication strategy for a foreign market requires additional considerations beyond those of a domestic strategy.

Support for market communication in online marketing and sales

The main purpose of market communication is to promote a product, service or brand, and to establish and maintain a relationship with potential EU customers or target audience.

  • We coordinate projects with local EU country specific marketing, online marketing and PR agencies on behalf of our clients,
  • ensure the creation of tailor-made campaigns,
  • take over the monitoring of their implementation in accordance with the customer strategy and the campaign plan.

In the service execution, we distinguish several business cases for which we support:

  • Designing a communication strategy in an EU market.
  • Implement a communication strategy in an EU market.
  • Implement a sub-process of market communication.

> Senergia acts in the interests of its clients by using local service providers with market and action knowledge at a native speaker level.

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