Cooperation management in the EU

Design cooperations in a goal-oriented manner

The ability to work effectively with other organizations is a success factor and of great importance in an increasingly connected world.

Effective cooperation management ensures that all parties involved pool their resources to jointly develop innovative and high-quality products and services.

Support bei Kooperationen in der Produktentwicklung und im Vertrieb

Senergia organizes the planning, control and implementation of cooperation between the parties in product development, especially technological products, in partner sales and services.

We support the following key activities in cooperation management:

  • Partnership preselection: Identification and introduction of suitable cooperation partners such as companies or suppliers.
  • Strategic planning: Definition of the goals of the cooperation. Setting clear expectations.
  • Development of cooperation agreements: Covering legal, financial and technical aspects. This is done in collaboration with lawyers.
  • Project planning: Development of a detailed project plan including milestones and performance indicators.
  • Communication and collaboration: Establishing effective communication channels between the cooperation partners.
  • Resource and requirements management: Management and coordination of resources, including financial resources, expertise and technical equipment.
  • Risk management: Identification of potential risks and development of strategies to minimize risks.
  • Performance assurance: Ensuring goal achievement or adaptation to changing circumstances.
  • Quality control: Establishing quality standards and controls for the entire development process.
  • Intellectual Property Management: Clarification and protection of intellectual property together with lawyers.
  • Contract management: Drawing up a cooperation agreement together with lawyers.

> Senergia acts in the interests of its clients by managing cooperation projects in the spirit of good partnership.

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